Who We Help



Risk Adjustment 

With the VANS program you will be able to accurately document new HCC diagnoses that are frequently missed or under diagnosed.


Individual Providers

Making it Easier for Physicians

We partner with providers to optimize preventative care efforts and improve patient outcomes in chronic diseases with minimal burden to the practice.




The VANS program is dedicated to helping patients understand their health.


 Challenges in Healthcare


Today’s healthcare model is moving from volume to value-based care. Many practitioners are trying to achieve value-based care and meet the expectations that are set upon them. Here are some of the challenges physicians see on a daily basis the VANs program can help address:

  1. Time restrictions

  2. Appropriate diagnosis

  3. Proper documentation for RAF score initiatives

  4. How to maximize reimbursements


 Alliance Medical’s initiative is to partner with IPA’s, ACO’s, Healthcare Systems and Individual Providers in order to execute strategies to maximize HCC scores in areas that are under diagnosed and easily captured through our platform


 The Solution: The VANS Program

Alliance Medical’s goal is to become a leader in preventative healthcare services that are designed to improve the quality of care in chronic conditions. Our program is built to adapt to any existing medical practice or health system to achieve better chronic disease outcomes and improve under diagnosed diseases.

VANS Program will help physicians to:

  1. Easily monitor complications of Chronic Disease 

  2. Analyze data quickly, allowing for effective and timely treatment 

  3. Diagnose quickly, allowing physicians to provide timely treatment 

  4. Proactively detect risk factors associated with CVD and Neuropathic disorders inhibiting disease progression